felpe lane cotte

fall-winter Collection 2016-2017

This year we have chosen to present our fall-winter collection 2016-2017 online so that our clients can visualize our proposals before the fairs and maybe send in their suggestions according to their expectations of taste, hand and colours.
The indications that we have received up to now have made us select yarns with printed patterns that give three dimensional coloured aspects with structures with a knit effect.

We have projected a series of structures in barré with macro effects using bouclé yarns, chenille and flame patterns.

Then we created, with pre-gauzed yarns, some print effects, false-solid colours and shiny/matte contrasts.

filati pregarzati effetti stampati
To top it ali we have put in some classical structures like madras in various finishings with foulé effects.

madras in vari finissaggi con effetti foulè
Continuing on the print pattern theme, using also mouliné yarns and playing with the different twists we have projected articles in over-dying with three-dimensional effects as well. Together with these we have added some prints with buttoned effects.
The main characteristic of this set of articles is the diversification of hands, from Iambswool to Shetland.

shetland shetland shetland
Starting from our “historic” base of wool/linen which have given us up to now a great deal of satisfaction, we have gone on developing by putting in new patterns and designs or else creating micro-structures, also with knickerbocker Yarns

filati pallinati filati pallinati filati pallinati
Of course we are stili presenting our classic solid colours in piece dyed and in dyed threads in various weights and finishings which we have increased by putting in new structures, new lazer effects, new doubles both openable and not, and to which we have added our fleeces and our boiled wool knits, some are matching.

felpe lane cotte felpe lane cotte felpe lane cotte
A whole different story is that of our cashmeres which last year gave us the greatest satisfaction in winning the Premier Vision Award for most innovative textile with our laser designed KALUM article

Kalum Ala Campolmi
The enthusiasm generated by this result has spurred us on to amplify our proposals, both in structures and in finishings. We start with weights of 180 gr dyed in the thread with 60 colours available, solid and mélange, patterns in barré and in jacket
design and go on to combed fabrics for elegant menswear and on to double foulé and knit coats
Our novelty this year is what we have defined “cashmere velvet”

kalum 2016 novita

but we’re not telling you anything yet, it’II be a surprise for when you come to see us at “Munichfabricstarts”, from September r to 3rd 2015 at stand ATRIUM 4 STUDIO 1 F108 c/o BULLER or at stand S2/E222 c/o BEATE, or in Paris at Premiere Vision from September 15th to 17th 2015 at stand 6N 11

Premiere Vision 2014 Winner

Premiere Vision 2014 Winner

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